“My guitar is not a thing; it is an extension of myself. It is who I am.” Joan Jett


Steve Toon is one of the UK’s top guitar makers, producing the finest quality classical guitars for both professional musicians and private customers from the UK, Europe and beyond. His guitars combine the best musicality with pleasing aesthetics and are constructed by hand from the highest quality materials.

Steve Toon also runs a very succesful guitar repair business repairing all types of guitar from vintage electric and acoustic guitars to everyday guitars which need a bit of TLC.



"A perfect piece of art"

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Steve Toon



Steve Toon Guitars
33 Green Street,
GL3 4LU,

UK Registered as Steven Toon Technical Services,
Company Number: 04196236

Steve Toon
Tel: +44(0)7810 752342 - Email: guitars@stevetoon.co.uk

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