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My flamenco  guitars are lightly built and based on a "Macello Barbero" guitar. The spruce front is selected for its tonal qualities and fitted with a hand made rosette. My flamenco guitars are very vibrant and I can bias the sound towards a guitar for accompaniment or solo work depending on your requests. You can also choose specific neck widths and profiles as I generally build these guitars to order and not for stock. I also offer a model based on "Reyes" which is a more modern guitar and can also offer a Negra guitar.

I am often asked about pegs for Flamenco guitars. In the past I have used both wooden and also s[ecial mechanical pegs but I now only use wooden pegs. Pegs are not always easy to adjust and often I am asked to modify guitars with pegs - to remove the pegs and install conventional tuners. Now when I supply a guitar fitted with pegs, the pegs are always installed in such a way that the guitar can be modified to have normal tuners without requiring a lot of repair (ie plugging the peg holes).


  • European spruce front with handmade rosette
  • Selected cypress back and sides
  • Spanish cedar neck
  • ebony or rosewood fingerboard
  • bone nut and saddle
  • wood bindings and purflings
  • high gloss finsh
  • 650mm scale length
  • 52 mm nut
  • 60 mm at 12th fret
  • Sloane tuners with black buttons and black rollers
  • hard case

RRP £2300

Please enquire if you have special requirements

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